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A Guide to Semantic Markup

A very useful blog post, explaining semantic markup from a technical point of view. From a non-technical viewpoint it doesn't dwell overly on the key advantage - but if you don't read or understand (or care about) the rest of the article you should read… more »

Privacy flaw in IE and Firefox

If you're worried about websites knowing where else you've gone, then you need to make yourself aware of this. The technique is to put a bunch of links on your web page and then use a script to see if they trigger the specific style you've inserted for :… more »

5 HTML elements you probably never use (but perhaps should)

A very useful blog post, I'd never heard of the address tag or the q tag before. more »

Browser Re-size Bookmarklets

Was doing some layout stuff today and needed to check a page in IE at 800x600. I know there's a developer toolbar add in for IE but I generally try to avoid installing too much extra cruft in that browser, so I created some bookmarklets to resize for me… more »

Can Your Programming Language Do This?

Joel is usually quite entertaining and today he posted on a subject I've been devoting some research time to recently, Functional Programming: If your programming language requires you to use functors, you're not getting all the benefits of a modern p… more »