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Mouseover DOM Inspector

Now this is just a very neat trick. more »


Now I realise this could make this linkblog basically obsolete, but it is a pretty cool site (and a good idea - my bookmarks, accessible from anywhere!). more »

The Blog of Rob

I've started another blog, this one is intended to be less technical and more, erm, drivel... more »

Mono Ports

Just discovered this resource, some Mono ports of some free .Net web apps. more »

IBM donates patents to open source

IBM, the leading US patent recipient for the 12th year running with 3248 granted in 2004, has donated 500 patents to the open source movement. OK so it's only 15% of the patents they gained last year, but it's still more than probably more patents than… more »

Books We Like

A fairly simple idea, but interesting nonetheless - basically taking all the social aspects from Amazon but removing that competitive star rating system. more »

User Friendly

Since it's a holiday something relatively lightweight - a link to my favourite online comic strip. more »