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  • Wade
    Comment from: Wade
    24/05/14 @ 11:56:02 pm

    OK. Nevermind my previous comment. I kept working at it and figured it out. Used some of the coding listing in the other comments.

    Thanks for this fix. Awesome help. I searched all over without any luck before finding this thread.

    You’re the best!!

  • Wade
    Comment from: Wade
    24/05/14 @ 11:24:27 pm

    Thank you for this post. I’m a PHP noob. I’ve tried to follow all the suggestions listed but I’m still having trouble. The form won’t email the inputted information still. Can I show you my code? Please?

  • Alen Saqe
    Comment from: Alen Saqe
    27/10/13 @ 03:21:33 pm

    Thank you for the information. I updated using Windows so i didnt use the sudo comand just ran the flash.bat script and everything went fine.


  • Tim
    Comment from: Tim
    06/10/10 @ 08:29:57 am

    I am having mixed results aswell. I changed some of the faults with the suggestions but not eveything is fixed. I cant get the required fields to work. I asked my webhosting company but they had no idea. Would anyone be interested in helping a complete novice?

  • robertc
    Comment from: robertc
    16/09/10 @ 11:41:35 am

    Hi Bert. You would have to mess around with co-ordinate systems to get pixel equivalent values, a quick hack might be to use unequal values for rx and ry. Note that in Firefox 4.0 the issue preventing the use of CSS border-radius is now resolved fixed.


  • Bert Casier
    Comment from: Bert Casier
    16/09/10 @ 10:02:16 am

    This is nice!

    Is there a way to specify pixel values for the radius, on landscape images the ellipse width is distorted…

  • Jason
    Comment from: Jason
    09/09/10 @ 05:22:16 pm

    I have applied all the changes above with mixed results. Most of these fixes work. However, as stated above in a few post “the require fields don’t function properly.” Even if the required fields are filled out, the script still thinks they are not. Any one got a solution/way to fix this script?

  • guest
    Comment from: guest
    10/08/10 @ 11:40:38 am

    Nice article, great feature for all fans of typography. Unfortunately it will take years before all major browsers will support this :(

    btw: I believe you mixed up left and right (or 3.6 and 4.0) in the second ligatures example.

  • AbdulHakim Maina
    Comment from: AbdulHakim Maina
    07/08/10 @ 10:35:07 pm

    Thanks for the hack, Rob.

    I agree that it has to do with logging for debugging purposes. The contents of the variable $wacko aren’t text though and can’t be converted to text either.

    I commented off the whole line: $cache->Log("Before Run wacko=".$wacko);

    Works great!

  • Design babe Brisbane
    Comment from: Design babe Brisbane
    05/07/10 @ 01:24:20 am

    I think the net is so complicated and it works in such fast way that as soon as you make something work slower or not easily for the general public you will not get the mass results that you want so finding a point where the disable can interact with the general i think will take long time.

  • Chris
    Comment from: Chris
    18/06/10 @ 11:39:03 pm

    thank you so much for the fix I have been sturggling all day

  • robertc
    Comment from: robertc
    26/05/10 @ 07:12:50 pm
  • Roemer2201
    Comment from: Roemer2201
    24/05/10 @ 09:42:25 am

    Solved the Problem for me. Thx

  • Jim
    Comment from: Jim
    02/05/10 @ 12:17:23 am

    Thank you, I’d forgotten that the new website used php5 when I changed servers and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was wrong.

  • Frances
    Comment from: Frances
    04/04/10 @ 12:56:03 pm

    Thanks so much for you kind comments. Glad you’ve gone away and tried out the systems we talked about - hope to see you again at a future event! :)

    If you’re still having trouble getting glow built for the browser, give us a shout on our mailing lists or drop me a line.

  • JK
    Comment from: JK
    10/03/10 @ 10:47:42 pm

    You just saved my lifeā€”this was driving me CRAZY.

    Thank you thank you thank you

  • robertc
    Comment from: robertc
    10/03/10 @ 10:14:05 pm

    Thanks Kevin. Yours does seem quite neat, allowing you to zoom in and out.


  • Kevin
    Comment from: Kevin
    10/03/10 @ 06:56:09 pm

    I wrote one too, it seems to be a bit faster, you can see it here.

  • Kerstin
    Comment from: Kerstin
    07/03/10 @ 09:28:32 am

    Check out!
    It’s css3 based and has been fabulous to use - really opened up the possibilities of font creativity on the web.

  • robertc
    Comment from: robertc
    20/02/10 @ 03:57:57 pm

    Note that the syntax for CSS gradients in Firefox/Gecko has changed since this post was written. I’ve updated most of the example pages, but left the old syntax in place in the post. Click on the links and view source in the examples to see the new syntax.