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London Javascript Night

This was an excellent evening, not least because I won a prize! I particularly enjoyed Simon Willison's talk and also Leo & Leon's, as well as Dan Webb's DOMBuilder framework. more »

E17 on SuSE 10

You can also get eyecandy for SuSE - instructions for installing at the above URL. I did have a small problem getting the menu generator to work - it kept falling over on ksim.desktop, but I just moved that file temporarily and it worked fine after that… more »

E17 on FC5

Enlightenment version 17 is getting close to completion - it is mostly useable as an every day desktop anyway, and it looks just beautiful. There is a repo for Fedora at this location which makes installation as easy as typing 'yum install' with a few a… more »

Opera Mini

I got a new phone yesterday (a Nokia 6680) and I installed Opera Mini on it. It's a browser, written in Java so it can run on nearly any modern phone, and only about 100k in size. It works by connecting to a proxy server which compresses and resizes co… more »

The Sony Rootkit Saga

If you haven't heard about this already then I strongly recommend you read through this and the two follow up articles before you go inserting any Sony/BMG CDs in your computer. more »

Oracle to offer free database

The biggest name in Enterprise databases is heading downmarket in an effort to snag all those young developers who are learning their SQL on MySQL and MSDE. more »

The sorry state of US IP law

Apparently SunnComm we're all set to sue a student who pointed out that the built-in 'auto run' feature of Windows could be disabled (by design) by holding down the shift key when inserting a CD, co-incidentally rendering SunnComm's security/spyware prod… more »

Eolas beats Microsoft

While it's always nice to see the mighty Microsoft hung by their own patent petard, I can't help thinking that, in general, the web would be an easier place to work if the evil empire were allowed to win this one. more »

Debian 3.1 Released

In something of a surprise move, Debian have finally got a release out (the last one was in mid 2002). I've never successfully managed to get Debian to work satisfactorily but, following my experience with Ubuntu, I suspect it might be worth the effort… more »

Apple to move to Intel CPUs

Something of a shock to the Mac community - to the extent that most thought it a practical joke at first. Personally I don't like the sound of all this DRM hardware, though I'm fairly comfident someone will figure out how to subvert it within a few mont… more »

Ubuntu Hoary Released

Ubuntu have released their newest version this week. It should be possible to just update your apt.sources list, replacing 'warty' with 'hoary', do a dist-upgrade and reboot. I'm trying it now on my laptop - just waiting for 775Mb of packages to downlo… more »
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