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Google Co-Op Search

I came across the Google Co-Op search today and decided to set up a 'search engine' of my own. It allows you to add a list of your favourite web sites (relating to a particular topic) and then either get search results exclusively from those sites or pr… more »

Books Every Programmer Should Read

Shane Sherman has had an excellent idea:...this led me to thinking about a way to allow everyone to pick their top 5 programming books they think every programmer should read, and aggregate the results and make some sort of master list of the best books.… more »

Official Mozilla Microformat extension

Mozilla have released an extension for Firefox which demonstrates: the usefulness of semantic information on the Web, in real world scenarios It searches for Microformats in the page you're viewing and then lets you use that information directly, for in… more »

Vista vulnerable to common threats

Last month, Jim Allchin implied Vista was so secure it could be used without any anti-virus software. He quickly backtracked, claiming (with good justification, apparently) that his comments had been taken out of context and 're-interpreted'. But in th… more »

Introduction to Linux day

If you've ever wondered what all the fuss is about Linux and Open Source, come to the GLLUG's 'Introduction to Linux' day on November 11th in Central London. Click on the link for further details. more »

Google Data Privacy

The best feature Google doesn't have? I currently have quite a lot of trust of Google (which, of course, may yet prove to be unfounded), but given the current trends on the web it would be nice if they implemented this sort of thing because then all the… more »

Google goes after Exchange

Remember when Google signed a deal with Sun and everyone was talking about them trying to team up and steal the office software market from Microsoft? A year later, that's not yet happened, what has happened is that Google has launched an initiative to… more »

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

This looks way cool - the internet service platform of the future, IBM and their 'utility computing' can eat their hearts out. Get around the cost of dedicated hosting by renting machines, dynamically, as needed. It also seems to be really cheap compar… more »

IE7 RC1 now available for download

Just in case you missed the announcement elsewhere (I did :) ) - IE7 RC1 was released last week. I've been playing around with the last two beta releases for testing purposes and it's a big improvement on IE6. Most of the hacks I've used with IE6 are n… more »

Hosting AJAX on S3 with Openfount

I mentioned S3 in my short post about Jeff Barr's talk in London, I also said I'd post more about it in the coming weeks. To make up for failing to do that, here's a post by someone else about S3 :) Using S3 as the scalable hosting solution of the futu… more »

Apple vs The Bloggers

Not that I'm likely to be posting any trade secrets myself, or that a ruling in a California court is likely to offer me much protection here in London, or that I really believe I fit the definition of 'journalist' implied by the appeal court (which, no… more »
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