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Links for February 14th

Extended Date Time Format (Library of Congress) - There is no standard date/time format that meets the needs of various well-known XML metadata schemas, this website describes the current effort to define an extended date/time definition.Tags: XML; Stand… more »

Links for February 7th

adaptive path » blog » Peter Merholz » Analytics – The Usability Lab of the new decade - If you're not using analytics for usability studies, why not? Also contains links to a number of other useful tools.Tags: BlogPost; Usability; Tools;  Ludamix… more »

Links for January 31st

Ian Pouncey » Blog Archive » Web accessibility myths - "[A]ccessibility isn’t a target to aim for, it is a goal to aspire to."Tags: BlogPost; Web; Accessibility;  ginger's thoughts » Tutorial on HTML5 open video at LCA 2010 - Links to a walk through… more »

Links for January 24th

jQuery SVG Demo - A jQuery plugin that lets you interact with an SVG canvas.Tags: SVG; jQuery; Library;  assertTrue( ): Fast conversion of bitmaps to SVG - Convert a bitmap image to a collection of vector rectangles (with full source code).Tags: Blo… more »

Links for January 17th

CSS background transparency without affecting child elements, through RGBa and filters - Robert's talk - Cross browser alpha transparent background colours thanks to the gradient filter.Tags: BlogPost; CSS; Colour; IE6; IE7; IE8;  brianleroux's xui… more »

Links for January 10th

xarino - Project Hosting on Google Code - An attempt to revive vector based graphics program, Xara LX, as an open source project.Tags: Graphics; Tools; SVG; Welcome to FOSS Factory - The only website where the community collaborates on every aspect… more »

Links for January 3rd

Html Agility Pack - A .NET code library that allows you to parse "out of the web" HTML files. The parser is very tolerant with "real world" malformed HTML.Tags: .Net; HTML; Development; Library; Font Squirrel | Create Your Own @font-face Kits - Gener… more »

Links for December 20th

WCAG Tutorial - While WCAG is widely used, it is not easy to find comprehensive tutorials on it. This tutorial is intended to fill this gap, and provide a useful tool for web designers, developers and testers.Tags: Accessibility; Tutorial;  Developi… more »

Links for December 13th

Developer Qualification - Google Code - Designed for professionals who currently develop or want to develop applications that use Google APIs, the Google Qualified Developer program can help you become a more successful developer for free.Tags: Web; Deve… more »

Links for November 29th

dantebronto's picard at master - GitHub - A Micro-framework for node.js.Tags: Javascript; Web; Development; Server; Framework;  Add-on Developer Hub :: Add-ons for Firefox - Documentation, tools and forums for Add-on developers.Tags: FirefoxExtensio… more »

Links for November 22nd

Hacker News | Some Sitepoint Article: How not to Critique a Javascript Library - Then again, perhaps Closure is pretty good code after all.Tags: Javascript; Library; Criticism;  Google Closure: How not to write JavaScript - Some reasons why the new… more »