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More Mono Hosting

The second site :) more »

Mono Hosting

Just came across a couple of sites which host Mono on Apache for web applications. more »

Mouseover DOM Inspector

Now this is just a very neat trick. more »

Mono Ports

Just discovered this resource, some Mono ports of some free .Net web apps. more »

IBM donates patents to open source

IBM, the leading US patent recipient for the 12th year running with 3248 granted in 2004, has donated 500 patents to the open source movement. OK so it's only 15% of the patents they gained last year, but it's still more than probably more patents than… more »

WinForms in Mono

Interesting stuff from Charlie Calvert of the Borland Developer Network. more »


Now available from catalyst2, so now available from :) --edit No longer available :( I've updated the link to point at the current Wiki. more »