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More little buttons of sharing

In an earlier post, I described how I added 'share on reddit' and 'share on delicious' buttons to my b2evo skin. Today I spent some time cleaning up and adding new buttons for Digg and Ma.gnolia. I noticed on Arto Bendiken's blog his 'sharing buttons… more »

MySQL 4: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

I've been upgrading the intranet server at work today, previously it was running Red Hat 9.0 which even the Fedora Legacy Project will be dropping support for at the end of the year. So on Friday I installed Centos 4.4 on a nice new hard drive and I spe… more »

DevelopMentor Connected Systems Roadshow - Day Two

So, on to day two of the Connected Systems Roadshow, when I did the 'Building Next-Generation Secure & Robust ASP.Net Applications'. This was mostly presented by Dominick Baier, with a section on WWF by Mike Taulty. Dominick was a very knowledgea… more »

DevelopMentor Connected Systems Roadshow

I've spent the last two days at the Microsoft Campus, in Thames Valley Park, Reading, at the DevelopMentor Connected Systems Roadshow. There were two tracks - 'Connected Systems' and 'Building Next-Generation Secure & Robust ASP.Net Applications', b… more »

In-the-Brain of Dave Crane: Design Patterns for AJAX!

Tonight I've been to a free talk at Skillsmatter by Dave Crane, all round Javascript guru and co-author of my favorite Ajax books: Ajax in Action. I missed the start of it, thanks to the usual high standard of service on the underground, but I was the… more »

Little buttons of sharing

I've long been jealous of all the little buttons everyone else seems to have on their blogs (have a look at the section 'like this article, share it' on mike-o-matic), to let their readers add the posts to digg or reddit or whatever other social link sha… more »


I started reading Using Microformats on Safari yesterday and was inspired. You should now find hCards on both the Blog and the About Us pages on this site, and I also started applying hResume to my CV. That's all very well, you may be saying, but wha… more »