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London Web Standards: Web Fonts with Ben Weiner

Review: LWS January: Web Fonts with Ben Weiner at The Square Pig, 30 - 32 Procter Street, Holborn, London, WC1V 6NX 19:00 to 20:305 out of 5. Technorati tags for this review: typography   css   web fonts more »

An Early Xmas Present - Opera 10.50 Pre-alpha

Opera gave web developers an early Xmas present this week when they released a 'pre-alpha' of Opera 10.5 for Windows and MacOS. The main new features are a new Javascript engine, Carakan, and a new vector graphics backend, Vega, for their Presto 2.5 ren… more »

FizzBuzz in CSS3

I was reading Rachel Andrew's 24 ways post on Cleaner Code with CSS3 Selectors today, in which she covered nth-child selectors, and I was reminded of the FizzBuzz phenomenon which swept through Programming Reddit a couple of years ago. I thought it woul… more »

Adventures in Web 3.0: Part 4 - Yet More CSS 3

In my last post on CSS3 I looked at scaling background images, RGBA colours and CSS gradients. In the early hours of Saturday morning it became increasingly apparent to me that I'd bitten off a bit more than I could chew in terms of a single post, as th… more »

Adventures in Web 3.0: Part 3 - More CSS 3

I talked about CSS3 in the last post in this semi-regular series on the web standards of the future, but there are some new features supported in the latest Chrome release and Firefox alpha which make this worth a second post. This time I'm going to foc… more »

Arbitrary Element Rotation in IE - the Matrix Filter

There was a post on WebDesign-L today asking about angled text, which reminded me of the excellent Text Rotation with CSS a few months back on Jonathan focussed on the IE only BasicImage filter to provide an alternative to the (also proprietar… more »

Rounded Corners for Image Elements in Firefox with SVG

In my post on CSS3 a few months back I mentioned some issues I had getting -moz-border-radius to clip content that it contained. After my writing the post the question came up a couple of times on stackoverflow, first from Brandon Wang and later a simil… more »
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