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The Way Forward with Web Standards

An interesting article for techie types, and another article you can show to your boss to explain why you ought to be doing all the stuff in the first article :) more »

First Boog Site

My first sort-of-commercial (for a friend's business) website design is nearing completion, check it out: Validates for XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS, even managed to use PNGs throughout (though an earlier iteration saw me u… more »

Damn M$

And it turns out IE totally messes everything up because it doesn't have proper support for the PNG format. The images just appear black... Please, please go and sign Proper PNG Support for IE Petition, not that it'll help much, we'll have to design fo… more »

The design takes shape

Started work on the home page of this site today. I wanted it to be standards compliant, of course, but also wanted to try building something entirely with Open Source Software, rather than leaning heavily on Photshop and Dreamweaver like I normally do.… more »

Adventures in stylesheets (or how I wasted a day at work and loved it)

Having recently got my company's new website uploaded (finally - eventually I just uploaded and went on holiday), we discovered a problem with printing. The new design looks very nice at 1024x768, menu/text/pictures all well balanced. However, when you… more »
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