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Beginning HTML for Web Pages

This is intended to be a simple introduction to HTML (when it's finshed...).

What is HTML?

HTML is a Markup Language used to describe content, an HTML file is a text file with a specific structure. A web browser can take the HTML and render it graphically, this is happening all the time as you browse the web. You can easily see the HTML the web browser is using to render any page by right clicking on it and selecting 'View Source' (in Firefox, 'View Page Source') - try it now. You should see something like this:
Screenshot of view page source in Firefox
You'll see a lot of angled brackets (less than and greater than), these delimit 'tags' - so a tag is a less than bracket, followed by some text and then a greater than bracket, and the tags describe the structure of the HTML document.

Why do I need tags?

Paragraphs, headings, oh my... Boxes within boxes within boxes

How tags fit together

Heads, bodies, titles... Bigger boxes.

Your first HTML page

So now we're ready to write your first page...

What now?

Now it's time to smarten things up a little, go to the introductory CSS article.

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