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Slayeroffice Favelet Suite


11:59:24 pm Permalink Slayeroffice Favelet Suite

Categories: Web

A handy set of tools which work as a set of bookmarks in Firefox. Not completely reliable, I've encountered some weird redirection behaviour and javascript errors, but when they do work they're very cool.

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Comment from: Steve [Visitor] ·
26/07/06 @ 14:42
Feel free to report the specifics of any errors you've encounter - they'll be investigated and fixed.
Comment from: robertc [Member] ·
27/07/06 @ 18:14
I've reported the redirection issue via the form on your website. Keep up the good work!
Comment from: robertc [Member] ·
28/07/06 @ 12:07
And just to keep everyone up to date, the issue has been fixed within an hour of me reporting it!