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More little buttons of sharing


06:29:31 pm Permalink More little buttons of sharing

Categories: Web Develop, Server Side Web Development

In an earlier post, I described how I added 'share on reddit' and 'share on delicious' buttons to my b2evo skin. Today I spent some time cleaning up and adding new buttons for Digg and Ma.gnolia.

I noticed on Arto Bendiken's blog his 'sharing buttons' also added a title after you click on them. It didn't seem like it would be too difficult to extend my previous code, and it wasn't &#59;) Here's what I've finished up with in _main.php:

<h3 class="bTitle">
  <?php $Item->title(); ?>
  <a href="<?php echo $Item->get_permanent_url(); ?>&title=<?php echo $Item->title; ?>"><img src="/images/reddit.png" alt="Share on reddit" class="middle" /></a>
  <a href="<?php echo $Item->get_permanent_url(); ?>&title=<?php echo $Item->title; ?>"><img src="/images/digg.png" alt="Share on digg" class="middle" /></a>
  <a href="<?php echo $Item->get_permanent_url(); ?>&title=<?php echo $Item->title; ?>"><img src="/images/delicious.png" alt="Share on" class="middle" /></a>
  <a href="<?php echo $Item->get_permanent_url(); ?>&title=<?php echo $Item->title; ?>"><img src="/images/magnolia.png" alt="Share on" class="middle" /></a>

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Comment from: robertc [Member] ·
08/01/07 @ 15:39
Just realised today, the above code makes the URIs invalid, because the titles mostly have spaces in them. Easy to fix though. Replace: