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Hiding the Vertical Scrollbar in IE


06:42:40 pm Permalink Hiding the Vertical Scrollbar in IE

Categories: Programming, Web

Also related to my little signage project in the last post, one problem I encountered was the IE would insist on displaying a vertical scrollbar even though it wasn't required - and since I knew the exact pixel dimensions of the display I knew I didn't need one. It turns out there are many solutions to this on the internet, it's a common complaint when IE is rendering in standards compliant mode, and the solution is easy enough, just put:

html {
overflow: auto;

in your CSS file.

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Comment from: Johnny [Visitor]
10/06/08 @ 12:49
This way is obvious and is actually bad. If you have a style "width: 100%" on some block-level element inside your body it will grow off-screen (thus causing the horizontal scrollbar to appear!) when the vertical scrollbar appear (in the case of content growing vertically too much).
Comment from: robertc [Member] ·
10/12/08 @ 21:33
Hi Johnny, thanks for pointing that out. It didn't matter for me because, as I said, the whole point was to display the entire page within the known dimensions of the signage device, but anyone trying to solve this problem for a public internet page should bear this issue in mind.

Comment from: bharat [Visitor]
02/02/09 @ 06:36
great man....i tried overflows on divs in my page but setting it to .html really worked and didnt spoin firefox ...tx