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GMail now available via IMAP


01:03:38 am Permalink GMail now available via IMAP

Categories: Technology News

Following up on the increased storage (now over 4Gb) and the improved support for mobile phones, this week Google rolled out IMAP support for Gmail. I access all my other mail accounts through IMAP, so I don't need to be convinced of the benefits - mostly (for me) a consistent view of your entire inbox (including sent items) across all the mail clients on all the different PCs I use to read my email (currently six, and now my mobile phone). If you're not so sure, try reading "Why IMAP is better than POP" or "POP vs IMAP for Inboxes."

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Comment from: Mike [Visitor] ·
12/28/07 @ 16:30
Google are obviously still looking to improve their email service however more recent indication (specifically from the UK populas) indicate the MSN email is still, by far the most popular as an online email service provider.