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Enlightenment and GDM for Gnome 2.8


02:35:10 am Permalink Enlightenment and GDM for Gnome 2.8

Categories: Linux, Debian / Ubuntu

I installed some new window managers to play around with on my Ubuntu laptop, the nice thing about having access to the Debian repositories is that there's a package for just about everything available for download. XFCE was fine, set itself up so that I could just choose it from the session menu in GDM and in I went. I'm lacking some of the applications which appear on the default menus but that won't be a problem long term. Also encountered a problem browsing SMB in XFFM, but from the error message it seems like the master browser is missing on the network.

Enlightenment proved slightly more of a challenge - no entry appeared in the GDM session list. Googling revealed that I should have a file in /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions, only problem being there was no such directory on my laptop. After footling around for a while I opened up the gdm.conf file, found the line where it listed the search path for session files and went through them one by one. Found what I was looking for in /usr/share/xsessions - a gnome.desktop and a xfce4.desktop file. Copied the xfce4 one to enlightenment.desktop and edited with nano and I was in. Once in I had trouble starting any apps because left click on the desktop didn't seem to work. Eventually found a 'Regenerate Menus' option on the enlightenment menu and, though that didn't add the full menu from Gnome, it did at least get me an eterm and from there I was into Firefox and posting on my blog...

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