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12:53:45 am Permalink WebDD07: Alternative Perspectives

Categories: Programming, Web

Some alternative opinions on WebDD, from people who went to at least some of the same talks I did, culled from the excellent Backnetwork site for the event:

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03:04:51 pm Permalink CSS Techniques from Christian Montoya

Categories: Web

I sometimes feel like I'm developing a deep understanding of CSS, and then I read an article like Christian's and realize how much there still is to learn. A collection of great tips.

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01:38:46 pm Permalink LinkedIn Launches hResume Support

Categories: Technology News, Semantic Web News

While the user has the ability to turn off Public Profile publishing altogether, only a small percentage have chosen to do so and with just the information listed [in the Basic View profile], the minimum requirement for hResume is met. In essence, we just launched ~9 million hResumes.

Pretty cool! Get yourself the Operator extension and go have a look at my resume :)

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12:51:05 am Permalink Firebug 1.0 Released

Categories: Programming, Technology News, Web

Started up Firefox just now and the automatic updater told me that Firebug 1.0 is now available. Of course, I immediately upgraded. The visual look has definitely seen some work and there are a number of new features - see the screenshot to see a loading time breakdown of all the elements of this page.

Firebug 1.0 Screenshot

This, coupled with the 1.1 release of the Web Developer Toolbar (my favourite new feature - it is now possible to validate local pages) and the release of Prototype 1.5 (now with documentation!) last week, makes it an exciting couple of weeks for web developers everywhere.

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11:20:17 pm Permalink Latest: Google set to rule world

Categories: Technology News

Blog posts are a bit like buses, wait for ages for one to turn up then two come along at once! Anyway, Robert X. Cringely has been one of my favourite columnists for a long time and this article is a very interesting analysis of what Google's long term plans might be.

Of course, in true internet tradition, when I say 'world' it means 'the US' &#59;) If you want a bit of perspective after reading that then let Eric Sink explain to you why that isn't as important as you think it is.

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11:09:12 pm Permalink The Master Procrastinator

Categories: Project Management

I was surprised today to notice I'd not made a blog post for two weeks, so that's me blowing guideline seven (again). Perhaps if I stopped procrastinating and got stuff done? So here's some anti-procrastination tips from GTD Wannabe that have got to be worth a try:

  • Turn off the TV
  • Techno Kicks It
  • Keep Track of Time
  • Start Strong
  • Plan Ahead
  • Do It Tomorrow
  • Your Computer is a Distraction
  • Your Desk Can Be A Distraction
  • Pretend You Don't Have Wireless

I'm not going to get very far with 'Your Computer is a Distraction', but I can definitely make inroads with 'Start Strong' - I've spent a significant number of mornings doing nothing but reading through articles on reddit...

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11:28:46 pm Permalink Google Co-Op Search

Categories: Technology News, Web

I came across the Google Co-Op search today and decided to set up a 'search engine' of my own. It allows you to add a list of your favourite web sites (relating to a particular topic) and then either get search results exclusively from those sites or prioritize those sites over the 'standard' Google search results. I've got mine setup in the latter mode at present, because I know I've forgotten some sites. It also wraps up the whole thing into a nice ajaxy interface to embed on your own website - check out the boogdesign Web Technology Search.

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02:19:27 am Permalink Books Every Programmer Should Read

Categories: Books & Literature, Technology News

Shane Sherman has had an excellent idea:

...this led me to thinking about a way to allow everyone to pick their top 5 programming books they think every programmer should read, and aggregate the results and make some sort of master list of the best books. That's how this site came to be.

Get on over there and add your favourite books!

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11:20:27 pm Permalink What is OpenID

Categories: Web

I signed up for a Ma.gnolia account the other day and, as part of the signup process, I was offered the opportunity to get an OpenID. I'm always a sucker for anything with open in the title so I clicked on the option and got an ID at Although it looked interesting, a sort of open source equivalent of CardSpace (which I discussed briefly in a previous blog post), I had no clue how it was actually supposed to work until I read this excellent blog post by Simon Willison.

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11:38:22 am Permalink Official Mozilla Microformat extension

Categories: Technology News, Web, Semantic Web News

Mozilla have released an extension for Firefox which demonstrates:

the usefulness of semantic information on the Web, in real world scenarios

It searches for Microformats in the page you're viewing and then lets you use that information directly, for instance by posting hCalendar events directly into Google calendar. There is no specific statement implying this, but I'm assuming this is a glimpse of the future as far as Firefox is concerned - we're seeing what built in support for Microformats might look like in a future version of Firefox.

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11:49:33 pm Permalink What's in a name?

Categories: Web

The .name TLD is intended for use only by individuals, established in 2001 when it was decided there weren't enough domain names to go around. The fact that you've probably never heard of it, or .biz, or .pro, or the other four (.info, .aero, .coop and .museum) indicates the resounding lack of success these new TLDs have had.

Anyway, like I said, the .name domains are intended to be for individuals, so if your name is John Smith you are entitled to the domain (if you get in first, that is). I'm not the sort of person to be put off just because something is unpopular, so now I am the proud owner of :) There's no actual website there, at the moment it just redirects to my CV, but there is a blog to add to my collection.

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