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Book CoverHello! HTML5 and CSS3 available now

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Book CoverEarly access to HTML5 in Action available now

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02:05:00 pm Permalink HTML5 in Action is the Manning Deal of the Day!

Categories: Books & Literature, Tech & Web

Half off my book HTML5 in Action. Use code dotd0409au at

If you want to ask questions about the book, or anything to do with HTML5, Java Ranch have a companion promotion this week.

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11:51:10 pm Permalink Hello! HTML5 and CSS3

Categories: Books & Literature, Web

If my blog posting has seemed somewhat sporadic over the last few months, I now present my excuse :)

No need to post any feedback here, go to the forum instead.

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02:19:27 am Permalink Books Every Programmer Should Read

Categories: Books & Literature, Technology News

Shane Sherman has had an excellent idea:

...this led me to thinking about a way to allow everyone to pick their top 5 programming books they think every programmer should read, and aggregate the results and make some sort of master list of the best books. That's how this site came to be.

Get on over there and add your favourite books!

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12:51:12 pm Permalink Dot Rob Dot Com

Categories: Books & Literature

This is my 'personal' website, to replace my now defunct site on Geocities (thank you Yahoo! for terminating my paid for account and refusing to tell me why...). Not much there except for a bunch of philosophy essays I wrote a few years ago for some evening classes I took, but the host supports Ruby so I hope to be able to do some fun stuff with Rails in the near future.

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02:55:23 pm Permalink The Blog of Rob

Categories: Books & Literature, Amusements

I've started another blog, this one is intended to be less technical and more, erm, drivel...

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12:08:37 am Permalink Books We Like

Categories: Books & Literature

A fairly simple idea, but interesting nonetheless - basically taking all the social aspects from Amazon but removing that competitive star rating system.

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